Monica Camaggi was born in Bologna on April 7, 1980. She graduated from the Francesco Arcangeli Arts High School before attending the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, where – along with a few semesters at the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts – she gained a degree in painting and sculpture.

She has shown her work in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Jahresausstellung and Invasion4 in Munich in 2007; Anteprima, in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts and the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna; and the Corsie collection in 2003.

In 2010, she took part in the Sanartcangelo exhibition at Musas in Santarcangelo in Romagna, then in 2014, she exhibited with Laura Guerinoni at Ex Fabrica in Vernio. Monica is also part of the Montelocale group, which deals with public art and has proposed site-specific interventions for the Bergamo Botanical Gardens, Fabbrica in Gambettola and the Monte Sole Park in Marzabotto.